About Us

The vision of this platform is to enhance the EKQ of the common man. EKQ, something we came up with, is the acronym for Economics Knowledge Quotient!

Economics is as ubiquitous and as essential as sunlight. Almost, well almost, nothing moves in today’s modern world without an economic push. Every, well again – almost every, human decision and indecision have an economic impact. Economics, at the heart of it, is decision making to allocate scarce resources. To decide, one needs information and a good understanding of the world he or she lives in. From a mother deciding to buy vegetables to a CEO allocating capital for new investments in a Digital Economy, to a Head of State deciding on defense expenditure of the country has economics in its background.

Awareness in political, cultural, art, medical, scientific, legal, and religious spheres of life among many others is key to a good understanding of Economics. With that philosophy in the background, stories will be from every part of human civilization – both Past and Present. And, of course, Future too! All four dimensions of the physical world and countless dimensions of the metaphysical world will be covered!

Enjoy reading and feel free to give us your feedback!